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1. What is CodeAsylums bootcamp?

A coding program where you stay together, code together, compete together and be mentored by an amazing team of ours. The very people from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, DirectI are here to enlighten you with current technologies and assist you in every way. Where every talent meets their right mentor. We never treat every code maniac the same way because we understand every talent has a different level of disruption in them. Not every plant requires the same amount of sunshine. We know that and therefore acknowledge it that way. We analyze, collaborate and create magic!

2. Who is eligible for CodeAsylums bootcamps?

Working professionals who want to switch their career with any number of years of experience can choose to join CodeAsylums. Applicants currently in college (1st, 2nd, 3rd or final year of college) could consider to join CodeAsylums. Please visit for more details

3. What are pre-requisites for online bootcamp?

You should have basic syntactical knowledge about one of the programming languages. Should be able to adapt coding platforms like HackerRank, LeetCode etc.

4. Does CodeAsylums support me in the job search?

Yes, CodeAsylums is committed to their students to help them achieve their professional goals. We believe this is part of our mission and we want students to get involved in their own success. We have a Career Services department whose objective is to create relationships with companies and follow up with students in their selection processes. All our bootcamps include a Career Week in which you will develop and put into practice Job Hunting skills, we will help you to put together your CV and portfolio to get ready for the job market. The attitude, performance during the bootcamp and commitment of the students with their own goal is key to the success in the job search

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