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Where Our Alumni Work

Our alumnis have turned out to be successful individuals in their fields and have been placed in esteemed companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Walmart Labs, Salesforce, DirectI, Goldman Sachs, Flipkart, VM Ware, Nvidia, Paytm, Qubole

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Courses for UnderGrad College Students

Dedicated Coding Bootcamps in Summer and Winter
Next Batches:
28 days coding bootcamp : 4th Jan 2020
10 days FooCode bootcamp : 20th Dec 2019 And 2nd Jan 2020
Location : Bangalore


Fullstack (WebDev), Placement Prep & Algorithms

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, MongoDB and NodeJS, Restful APIs, React JS, C/C++ programming, Structures & Pointers, Array-Based Problems, Linked List, Stack, Queues, STL, Trees, BST, Binary Search, Searching & Sorting, BIT Masking, Recursion, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, String Algorithms, Graphs & Trees (BFS, DFS, DSU, MST, Prims, Kruskal, Dijkstra), System Design, OS, DBMS & OOPs, Every night coding contest, Mock Interviews, Hackathons

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Machine Learning & Algorithms

Python Programming, Django/Flask, RestfulAPIs, Statistics, Tree, Ensemble Model, Random Forest, Kmeans, Deep Learning, Confusion matrix, Recall, Precision, F1-Score, Micro F1-Score, Macro F1- Score, Accuracy, ROC-AUC, R-Squared, Adjusted R-Squared, Dimensionality Reduction, Hyperparameter Tuning, NLP, Case Study, Numpy, Pandas, SkLearn, NLTK, sPacy, Keras, Recursion, Dynamic Programming, Graph Theory, Every night coding contest, Hackathons

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FooCode : Competitive Programming and System Design

CodeAsylums is organising a 10 days coding bootcamp for Competitive Programming and System Design. We will be selecting 40 students from the contest and provide you with a residential bootcamp where you will be working on Data Structures and Algorithms

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Courses for Working Professionals

5 Weekends + 1 Week Program - Koramangala, Bangalore


Data Structures, Algorithms, System Design

Structures & Pointers, STL, Linked List, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Binary Search Tree, Heaps, Binary Indexed Trees, Tries, Number Theory, Game Theory, Dynamic Programming, Graph Theory, Binary Search, String Algorithms, BIT Masking, Game Theory & System Design


Microservice Architecture using JAVA

Microservice Architecture based System Design, with Java based Microservices created using SpringBoot , streaming using Kafka and In-memory caching using Redis with deployment on Docker and Kubernetes, all the while using appropriate methodology and Design Patterns.

Apply JAVA

Microservice Architecture using Golang

Microservice Architecture based System Design, with Golang based Microservices created using Gin-Gorm, streaming using Kafka and In-memory caching using Redis with deployment on Docker and Kubernetes, all the while using appropriate methodology and Design Patterns.


Courses for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

There are lot of Entrepreneur and Freelancers who are not able to code and find difficulty to get right people to form the technical team. Come here and make your own product by your own and collaborate with people!


Web Application

Coming Soon

Mobile Application

Coming Soon

Progressive Web App

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CodeAsylums Bootcamp Culture

Creativity is highly encouraged and equally rewarded. We don’t really support the ideology of “learn the bare minimum to get hired”. Instead, creative ideas and opinions are welcomed by our mentors, who can then guide our students in fulfilling these ideas.

Stay & Mentorship at Same Place
with Collaborative Learning

The Codeasylums bootcamp provides skills to their students with the atmosphere and environment which helps them to create a mindset and an internal drive to code which in turn, develop their skills in more effective and faster way.

Placement Assistance

Our mentorship and environment are designed in such a way that students out here are capable enough to get placed in their dream companies, and our alumni network is strong enough to provide them referrals in companies of their choice. Also for some courses we have placement guarantee.

Late Night Coding Contest
& Hackathons

36 hour long hackathons are conducted where the learning that developers acquired in their implementation classes are to be applied and utilised to create a tech product. Plus everyday coding contest make them competent to crack coding interviews.

Industry Based Updated Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on present technological advancements and we strive to keep it up todate with each technological phases and shift.

Strong & Supportive

Our students and mentors always remain in touch even after the course and help each other and the developers community to grow at it's best.

Awesome Mentors

The mentors who teach and cater to the students intellectual needs are familiar with the industry and are engineers from many of the renowned companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart, D.E. Shaw, Oracle, Paysafe

Image C S Madhav

Fullstack Developer specialised in JavaScript, REACT, Golang, NodeJS, AWS and System Design

Music Lover & plays Guitar

R&D Engineer at Paysafe
Image Shivam Gupta

Java, Object Oriented Design, Spring Boot, System Design, Design Patterns, Databases

Part Time Standup Comedian

Software Engineer at Genpact
Image Pratyush Agarwal

Python, System Design, Hadoop, Distributed & Decentralised Systems, Hadoop, Blockchain, ML

Dance Dramatics & Drums

Founder at CodeAsylums
Image Rahul Kumar

Statistics, Python, NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Blockchain

Simplicity & Mathematics

Head of Data Science
Image Rajat Jain

UI/UX, JavaScript, REACT, React Native, Python, Flask, Data Structures

Influential Community Developer

Software Engineer at Microsoft
Image Sourav Chakraborty

Recursion, Dynamic Programming, Graph Theory, Python, ML

Music & Math Lover

SDE at Flipkart
Image Arushit Mudgal

Information Security, Networking, Systems, Nodejs, Python, GSoc

Cool Dude Hacker

SDE at Akmai Technologies
Image Iti Agarwal

IOS Development, C/C++, C Objective, Data Structures, Algorithms

High on Life

SDE at InMobi Labs
Image Aditya Ghosh

Graph Theory, Strings, Number Theory, KMP, Tries, BIT Masking

Loves Problem Solving

SDE at DirectI
Image Aayush Kumar

Data Structures, Binary Index Trees, Game Theory, Heaps, System Design

Applied ComScience Enthusiast

SDE 2 at Amazon
Image Priyanka Kekane

REACT, JAVASCRIPT, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, UI/UX, Frontend Eng.

Loves to Dance

UI/UX Developer at Ayopop
Image Amar Pathak

JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, Express, Python, Django

Loves Photography

Fullstack Developer at Cogoport

Student Stories

  • “The experience is totally worth it, and I would definitely recommend it to my juniors, just go there, and experience it.”
    Ayushi Kejriwal
    Placed at Microsoft, Intern at Paysafe
  • “It provides you a great learning experience with a very friendly environment. All the teachers guides and motivates you throughout the bootcamp and hence this helps you in learning new technologies and building confidence.”
    Tannu Bhalotia
    Placed at Intuit India
  • “It has been an amazing experience for me to be a part of this bootcamp. I attended summer bootcamp of 2018. From day 1 we were motivated to think broadly and to learn new techs. All the teachers were highly supportive. It really helped me in getting to know various tech around me and in helping me secure a good job. Thank you CodeAsylums for such a wonderful experience.”
    Mohak Jain
    Placed at salesforce, Intern at qubole
  • “It's the best ever bootcamp I have ever attended. The pattern of teaching and the quality mentors and tutors are top notch and it provides a friendly competitive environment of learning. I recommend all 3rd and 2nd year students to definitely go for CodeAsylums if they want to excel in their careers.”
    Aman Aryan
    Placed in

Meet The Team

Pratyush Agarwal
Founder & CEO
(Ex - D.E. Shaw Group)
Saurav Suman
Tech Advisor
(Ex - Alibaba Group)
Rahul Kumar
Head of Data Science
Rajat Jain
Community Manager
(SDE at Microsoft)
Shivam Gupta
External Collaborations
(Ex - Oracle)
Puneet Kohli
Community Manager
(San Francisco, USA)
Saurabh Mishra
Sales Advisor
(Sales & Operations at Buyju's)
Legal Advisor
(Director at Inscape CoWorks)